A Travel Sweater That Fits Right In

Every time I hop on a plane I get cold. I’m usually the person asking for extra blankets, then building a little cocoon with them to stay warm for the duration of the flight. So I’m always on the lookout for anything to make my travels a bit cozier.

About a month ago I received a Travel Wrap from Secret Sweater to test out. When I opened the package I saw the sweater folded within itself. I discovered it has a built-in sleeve “pocket” that makes it easy to fold the wrap into a compact square shape so you can fit into your carry-on.

Then I took it out on the road. I carried the Travel Wrap in my latest trips. It came in pretty handy during my visit to Washington, DC. Even though it was the middle of July, I ended up using it at night when the temperatures dropped and I was still outside wearing summery dresses. The fabric is super soft and warm. (But not too warm!)

I also really liked the fit. It’s loose fitting, but flattering. And more importantly it goes well with pretty much anything.

Secret Sweater manufactures its designs in California. The Travel Wrap goes for $69.95 on their website.